Dar es Salaam is one of the world’s fastest growing cities. Reliable and affordable energy systems for citizens and businesses are crucial for the city's development. However, most residents experience frequent energy black-outs, expensive, dirty supply (through diesel generators and charcoal), and, often, no access to energy at all.

How can Dar es Salaam's citizens, civil servants and entrepreneurs transform their energy systems to power their lives and businesses?

To find out, the lab is working with Dar-based ICT Hub Buni to organise an "Energy Safari" in Dar es Salaam in August 2015. The safari will be a focused five-day learning programme designed to explore the main challenges around energy access and work together on potential new solutions.

Energy challenges involve technical, political, economic and social aspects, and this event will bring together participants from a wide range of backgrounds: software developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, political scientists, social scientists, activists -- and more.

By working together, participants will learn about different methodologies that combine creative and analytical approaches, as well as collaboration across disciplines.

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